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    ParticulierPrivate investorInvestisseur privé
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    Let us ensure the fact, before we worry about its cause. It is true that this method is very slow for most people, who naturally run to the cause, and pass over the truth of the fact, but finally we can avoid the ridicule of having found the cause of what is not.

    Fontenelle – Histoire des Oracles (1687)

    Science and innovation in asset management

    Vivienne Investissement is a French independent and entrepreneurial portfolio management company, created in 2005.

    Originally created from a financial research laboratory supported by Bpifrance, Vivienne Investissement, one of the first French fintechs, offers an innovative approach that places scientific expertise and innovation at the heart of portfolio construction.

    Based on an artificial intelligence approach to financial markets, the company has developed high-tech management processes that now combine 20 years of research led by a team of researchers and engineers from major French and international institutions. Innovation comes from the use of new robust portfolio construction techniques, the latest scientific discoveries and AI-based tools.

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    Years Of Research

    Our work in fund management is guided by three pillars representing the core values of Vivienne Investissement :

    in innovation and research, both basic and financial, while maintaining close ties with academia. Our researchers regularly participate in cutting-edge scientific conferences around the world.

    A systematic model allowing the design of strategies based on the dynamic control of risks, powered by science and artificiel intelligence.

    The management processes are fully repeatable and explainable.
    We only invest in liquid instruments listed on regulated markets.