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    The MACH range: a “turn-key” investment solution

    We have built a flexible and diversified management program through which we manage several funds (UCITS and professional funds).

    We invest in the following three asset classes: equities, fixed income and volatility, worldwide.

    The MACH program is built in terms of volatility and drawdown, not in terms of investment limits to asset classes. It offers risk profiles adapted to the different needs of investors seeking the right balance between risk management and performance.

    * Funds present a risk of capital loss. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

    To achieve this, the range implements a scientific and disciplined investment process to seek to offer the most regular performance possible over time, while controlling risk.

    Over the recommended investment period, the generated performances are in principle decorrelated from world markets, all asset classes included.

    Our management process is fully repeatable and explainable: it is the result of rational strategies developed by our quants, whose research projects are regularly documented internally. Strategies testing are particularly comprehensive.

    Advanced internal risk control of our positions is carried out daily.

    Our management processes are scientific and disciplined thanks to an innovative approach to markets fueled by AI. In other words, we have developed a high-tech risk-driven process: our processes integrate dynamic risk models to guide strategies and adapt their behavior. Our funds thus use AI to robustly modulate market exposure in an attempt to control portfolio risk and avoid extreme losses without destroying profits in bull markets.

    With AI, the objective of our process is to track the efficient frontier in order to converge towards it over time. The MACH program is therefore a source of portfolio diversification, with the objective of improving the risk/return trade-off.

    * Funds present a risk of capital loss. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.